The future of B2B payments

Automate payment, collection and financing for your company’s invoices.


Receive, approve and bulk pay invoices in a single place. Automate manual processes, reduce human error and increase control over supplier payments.
Higo allows you to offer an early payment option to your suppliers that would rather get paid before their bill expires, we’ll finance the transaction and share with your company a percentage of the interest collected.


Nuestro sistema de cobro te permite llevar seguimiento de todas tus facturas pendientes, cobrarlas directamente y ofrecer descuentos por pronto pago.

Time is money. We help the most innovative companies save both.

More than 8,000 companies benefit from using Higo.

“Higo saves me over 40 hours a month. It’s a magical tool”

Noah Tovares
Vinos Chidos

“What every company needs to speed up their payments”

Marcos Sacal
TG Mobile

“I spent 4 hours per week on Excel ... today it takes me 10 minutes”

Conrado Vargas

We combine the agility of a startup with the highest financial standards.

Backed by the best funds in Silicon Valley.

That’s why the media won’t stop talking about us


How much time does it take to start using Higo?

Less than 5 minutes, you can do it here.

Is it necessary to integrate new software with my company?

No, todas las facturas las importamos directamente desde el SAT. Puedes comenzar a usar Higo de inmediato al crear tu cuenta.

What do i need to start usgin Higo with my company?

Únicamente necesitas tu RFC y CIEC/contraseña del SAT. Más información

How much does Higo cost?

$100USD subscription.

How do you get all my invoices?

Estamos integrados con el SAT. Recibirás en tu buzón de entrada todas las facturas que emitan a tu empresa.

How do I notify my providers that I have already made a payment?

Higo los notifica por ti. Simplemente debes ingresar el email al cuál requieras enviar notificaciones.

What is the interest rate for invoice advances?

Depende del estudio de crédito que realicemos de tu empresa. Regístrate para conocerlo.

How can I refer my providers to Higo?

Una vez creada tu cuenta asignaremos un ejecutivo de cuenta a tu empresa, comparte los datos de contacto de tus proveedores y nuestro equipo de ventas se pondrá en contacto con ellos.